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Mava Ketc

Top water lure

Length: 125mm

Weight: 56mm

It's suplied with a hook

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9,90 €

Big Ketc and Ketc simulate baitfish fleeing in terror as when attacked by predators. They are the fish we see are hopping nonstop and appear to be above the water.

The splash that make a noise in the water that stimulates the most predators. These are made blind that adrenaline and attack fleeing over the surface.

Reminds me a lot, when we fished in early 2000, with the Bounders and Peppys of Robert Lures. These lures have brought many satisfactions with bluefish, GT, barracuda, dolphinfish, etc ...

Because of its design and weight, these lures are very aerodynamic and can lbe cast very, very far.  You have to lift the rod and quickly recover as a fish would attack, when the lure comes near you, lower the rod tip.

Valid from spring to fall when the water is so cold. 

Suitable for all types of predators.

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