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Caña Westin "W3 StreetStick" Caña Westin "W3 StreetStick"

Caña Westin "W3 StreetStick"

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Price €101.00

 The Westin W3 StreetStick is cool as hell and it's the perfect tool for lightweight fishing in cities with both freshwater and saltwater fishing opportunities  READ MORE BELOW... W3 StreetStick 7'1"/213 cm M 2-10 g 2 sec.

Ron Thompson "Hard Core II" Ron Thompson "Hard Core II"
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Ron Thompson "Hard Core II"

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Regular price €33.00 -30% Price €23.10

Light weight powerful composite blank, glass tip for bite detection, durable lined SiC guides, luxury EVA handle, premium quality reel seat. These rods are just about indestructible and are useable for just about any type of fishing. Build in a unique way where solid strands of fibreglass are drawn past the core of the rod to form the incredibly...

Ron Thompson "Instant" Ron Thompson "Instant"
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Ron Thompson "Instant"

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Regular price €119.00 -30% Price €83.30

• Build on Korean 36T high quality blanks• Superbly balanced and sensitive rods• Rubber threatened reel seat• Portuguese High quality cork handle.• Ergonomic rear handle shape• Saltwater resistant SIC guide set up.• Supplied in quality rod bag and protection travel bag Only model: 7’2’’ (219.5cm) - Cast 4-18g  - 2 Sections -   Weight 115gr  - Transport...

 Ron Thompson "Tyran NC Series" Ron Thompson "Tyran NC Series"
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Ron Thompson "Tyran NC Series"

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Regular price €60.00 -30% Price €42.00

  9' 2''   280cm  - Action:  9-28g - 2  Sec. -  Transport lenght 142cm  - Weight 225g  9' 6''   290cm  - Action: 12-35g - 2  Sec. -  Transport lenght 148cm  - Weight 300g  10' 2''   311cm  - Action: 15-40g - 2  Sec. -  Transport lenght 157cm  - Weight 320g 

Ron Thompson Steelhead Pro Manie - 2 Sections Ron Thompson Steelhead Nano...
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Ron Thompson Steelhead Nano Manie

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Regular price €51.90 -30% Price €36.33

9’ (270cm)  -  Action 20-60g - 2 Sections - Transport Length 139cm - Weight 215g 10’ (300cm)  -  Action 20-60g - 2 Sections - Transport Length 154cm - Weight 225g • Strong and slim 24t carbon material • High grade premium cork and EVA handle • Quality Graphite reel seat • High quality SIC Guides • Delivered in cloth bag

Ron Thompson Steelhead Pro... Ron Thompson Steelhead Pro...
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Ron Thompson Steelhead Pro Manie

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Regular price €54.00 -30% Price €37.80

10’ (300cm)  -  Action 20-60g - 2 Sections - Transport Length 153cm - Weight 255g • Hi Modulus carbon blank • Quality Cork and EVA handle • Graphite reel seat with cushions • Hi quality single legged SIC guides • Manié style - Slim, fast and sensible for perfect lure control

Savage Gear "Salt2" Savage Gear "Salt2"
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Savage Gear "Salt2"

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Regular price €61.00 -30% Price €42.70

Great for spinning and twitching hard and softlures! 6’6” (198cm)  -  7-28gr  Vertical >60g   - 1 Sec- 155g  - Plegada 198cm - Rápida

Sportex "Black Pearl Cast" Sportex "Black Pearl"

Sportex "Black Pearl"

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Price €139.00

German rod with 10 year blank guarantee 8' (240cm)  - Cast 40g -162g - Pleg. 124 cm 9'2'' (275cm)  - Cast 80g - 237g -Pleg.142 cm 10' (300cm)  - Cast 80g -  282g - Pleg, 155 cm 10'5''' (310cm)  - Cast 60g  -275g - Pleg, 160 cm  

Westin "W3 Twitching-T" Westin "W3 Twitching-T"

Westin "W3 Twitching-T"

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Price €109.00

The ideal tool for delicate, precision small-lure fishing with small lures for perch and pretty little zander. This sexy little rod gives you all the nifty delicacy needed to excite big fish with subtle little lure movements, along with the authority to control a serious long-distance scrap, read more below Length 7’2”/215 cm - Cast MH 10-40 g  - 2 sec....

Westin "W7 Powershad" Westin "W4 Powershad"

Westin "W4 Powershad"

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Price €185.00

Perfectly-designed for casting shads but just as good at launching wobblers from boat or shore.   Length 8'/240cm - Cast MH 15-40g  - 2 sec. -   

Westin Rod "W3 Dropshot" Westin Rod "W3 Dropshot"

Westin Rod "W3 Dropshot"

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Price €99.50

A sensitive 'TORAY' Carbon blank with excellent hook setting abilities and lots of fighting power makes up the backbone of the W3 Dropshot rods.  READ MORE BELOW... W3 Dropshot 8'/240 cm M 5-28 g 2 sec.