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Kinetic Fishing Waders...

Kinetic Fishing Waders Chest Pack

Price €23.00

Kinetic Waders Chest Pack Kinetic Waders Chest Pack is a clever wader accessory that works with any fishing waders and provides expanded storage and easy access to fishing essentials. A buckled clip loop on each side of the chest bag will quickly attach and detach from any wader's suspenders. The large main, zippered compartment can store fly/lure boxes,...

Felt Soles

Korkers Felt Re-Sole Kit

Price €32.00

Felt sole replacement kit compatible with worn out wading boots  Excellent replacement accessory to prolong the life of your wading boots Easy to use, just glue on existing bottom of boot once old felt is removedCompressed high quality felt sole replacement kit designed to replace the old, worn out felt on the bottoms of wading boots. Glue not included.

Ron Thompson "Neo-Force" Ron Thompson "Neo-Force"
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Ron Thompson "Neo-Force"

Regular price €119.90 -30% Price €83.93

• Warm and comfortable wader • 4mm thick neoprene • Stitch and taping construction on all seams • Front hand warmer pocket • Adjustable neoprene suspenders • Reinforcement on knees • Fully 3mm neoprene lined PVC boots • Available with cleated sole.

Scierra "Tundra XP" - Boot...
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Scierra "Tundra XP" - Boot Foot

Regular price €310.00 -30% Price €217.00

• 100% waterpoof • 5 mm “high-stretch” neoprene • 100% waterproof front zipper • Two water resistant zippered welded front pockets • Taped and glued seams using a flexible and waterproof tape • Reinforced knee and butt pads • Adjustable shoulder straps Felt Sole

Solarez UV Cure Wader... Solarez UV Cure Wader...

Solarez UV Cure Wader Repair - 5gr

Price €8.95

The Ultimate UV-Curing FLEXIBLE repair and sealer! Repair your expensive waders while you fish. Zero VOC, ECO-Friendly, non-flammable formula. Super-strong, clear, elastic, supple. Cures in a few minutes.

Solarez Fly Fishing Flex UV... Solarez Fly Fishing Flex UV...

Solarez Fly Fishing Flex UV Resin - 5gr

Price €7.00

Flexible finish for swimmers, flex parts - could be used as a wader repair Great for coating knots for strength Viscous formula, easier to work with Capacity 5gr Apply all UV curable products in full shade or indoors, flash with Solarez UV Flashlight for 30 secs, continue working on fly. To completely cure resin, expose to sunlight or use flashlight for...

Creek Wading Shoes Traper - Brown

Fishing Wading Boots Traper "Jukon" - Rubber Sole

Price €132.00

The Jukon Boots were designed for extreme conditions met while wading. This kind of boots has to bear multiple soaking and drying. The top quality fabrics: leather, rubber, and plastics. The boots sole has got the circles for as much as twelve stud placement. Adequate hardness of the sole as well as the right shapes make that even wading for hours is...

Traper Socks "Cold Water"

Traper Socks "Cold Water"

Price €12.90

Thermoactive socks are perfect for use in extreme conditions. 80% Merino wool keep warm and keep your skin safe.17% Poliamide, thanks to special fibre structure, isolates thermally and drive the moisture outside. 3% Elastane addition gives sure socks position and light grip without excess pressure. Zone construction of the sock ensure right placement and...