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Brass Bead Head Piscator Brass Bead Head

Brass Bead Head

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Price €2.20

Brass bead heads for fly tying. Piscator Fly brand. Available in packs of 25 units. Colors: Gold, silver, copper, black and fluo orange

Brass Cone Heads Piscator

Brass Cone Heads

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Price €2.90

Brass Cone Heads to tye our flies Gold and Silver Nº0 - 4.00mm  /  Nº1 - 4.50mm  /  Nº2 - 5.00mm  /  Nº3 - 6.00mm Available 20 units / pack

Calf Tail Calf Tail

Calf Tail

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Price €5.60

These quality calf tails have medium length crinkled hair for use on streamers, hairwing dries and saltwater flies like crazy charlies. To tie bass flies, sea flies, and streamers for salmon.

CDC Select feathers Culipato CDC Select feathers Culipato

CDC Select feathers Culipato

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Price €2.00

Ass duck feathers CDC selected, high quality and floatage. Are oiled after dyeing, it preserves the original fat that allows the flies have perfect floatage.  The Khaki Dark Grey, Dark Brown and Light Brown colors are natural colors Sizes: 0.4gr bag - 50/60 feathers  1g Bag - 120/150 feathers

Coq Leon Feathers Coq Leon Feathers

Coq Leon Feathers

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Price €7.40

  Spanish Leon Coq Rooster Feathers. 12 original feathers / pack. Models: Saddle 1 Quality Rinonada 1 Quality and 2 Quality (see the picture)