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Anvil "Push-Button Packer"

Anvil "Push-Button Packer"

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Price €16.90

Made entirely heavy brass, it gives fly tiers accurate control over packing pressure when working with flared spun deer, elk, etc.. Simple, sturdy and easy to use, it is compatible for use with a near limitless range of differently sized hooks and its uniquely designed safety flange enables tiers to exert maximum force without risking injury to fingers...

Arrow Point Scissors Curved... Arrow Point Scissors Curved...
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Arrow Point Scissors Curved Stream Works

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Regular price €11.70 -25% Price €8.78

Arrow point, curved, surgical-grade edges have micro serrations that aid in trimming and cutting fine materials. Arrow points allow for very close cropping of hackles, wings and other materials. Great for fine-tuning the head of a fly. Curved points make contouring fly bodies and wings quick and easy. Lengh  (4½")

Creative Dubbing Kit Stonfo Creative Dubbing Kit Stonfo

Creative Dubbing Kit Stonfo

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Price €14.90

This simple accessory allows to make dubbing of various diameters and lengths. Using yarns of different colours is possible to tie multicoloured lures with amazing attractive contrast. Special effects can be created mixing materials of different types, like polypropylene, flashabou, crystal flash, etc... Supplied with two hair clips and instructions.

Elite Support Stonfo Elite Support Stonfo

Elite Support Stonfo

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Price €35.90

Stainless steel tool adjustable in every direction. Fits all vises with stem from 8 to 10 mm. This tool is designed to be used as a “parachute” attachment or a bobbin rest. Its rounded shape provides ample room to work.. Watch video

Elite Vise Stonfo Elite Vise Stonfo

Elite Vise Stonfo

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Price €230.00

High quality in-line 360° rotary action vise for tying flies and streamers. The stainless steel shaft rotates through two precision ball bearings. The shank of the hook rotates on axis thanks to the adjustable shaft. Read more below....

Flylab Base Vise Stonfo

Flylab Base Vise Stonfo

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Price €84.00

High quality rotary vise for the construction of fly fishing. Infinite head angle adjustment and 360° rotary action. Adjustable rotary tension. Locking knob 0°-180°. Interchangeable hardened steel jaw (medium size). Small and lightweight. Supplied with pedestal base, spring material clip,  Allen key and instruction manual.

FlyTec Base Vise Stonfo

FlyTec Base Vise Stonfo

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Price €149.00

This is a high quality in line, true rotary, vice. IIn-line 360 degree rotary action. A stainless steel shaft with two precision ball bearings. Adjustable rotary tension with locking mechanism. Locking knob 0°-180°. 3 interchangeable hardened steel jaws. Bobbin cradle and parachute rest. Centering gauge. Material clip & Allen key.

Herramienta Dubbing Stonfo...

Herramienta Dubbing Stonfo "Coccodrillo"

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Price €28.00

Tool that allows to make composite dubbings using sections of various materials like chenille, long hackles, tinsel , etc. These materials can be locked together by the plier, and wrapped at the same time turning the handwheel mounted on a bearing, in order to create multicolored dubbing noodles. Its swinging head permits 180 degrees of free swinging...

FlyTec Base Vise Stonfo Kaiman Base Vise Stonfo

Kaiman Base Vise Stonfo

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Price €160.00

Kaiman is a top quality lever vise for a fast hook changing. Its hardened steel jaw is designed to held solidly hooks ranging from tiny size 28 to mighty 5/0 saltwater hooks with no adjustments. Manufactured with high technology machines is stable and durable. Perfect in all tying situations.

Magnifying Glass Stonfo... Magnifying Glass Stonfo...

Magnifying Glass Stonfo with suction cup base

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Price €32.00

High quality magnifying glass, allows to clearly see small details without distorsions. The flexible arm has a powerful suction cup base with lever device to guarantee a quick and stable locking. Technical data: 2X magnification, lens dimensions 80 mm, length of flexible arm 350 mm, weight 165 gr. Removing the suction cup, this magnifying glass can be...