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Reel Hart "Brutal GP 50 SSL"

Reel Hart "Brutal GP 50 SSL"

Price €255.00

Super powerful jig-casting reel for vertical fishing. One-piece CNC machined aluminium body. CNC machined aluminium reel, with Japanese NNB precision bearings. Narrow reel for easy winding control during the combat. High quality dual drag system with carbon washers, made in USA and Titanium (HT100 & Ti). Drag force: 30kg. Micrometric adjustment of...

Reel Hart "Poizon Carbonic 30" Reel Hart "Custom BLK 5000"

Reel Hart "Custom BLK 5000"

Price €123.00

Powerful, lightweight reel for extreme spinning and jigging. Aluminium body and rotor with inner seals to prevent salt from getting into the internal mechanism. Main gears in marine bronze. Waterproof drag with alternate carbon and stainless steel discs.15 kilo drag force. Capacity: 0.30mm/400m - 0.40mm/230m Ball Bearings 8 +1 Ratio 5.5:1 Weight: 505 gr 

Reel Hart "Opalis"

Reel Hart "Opalis"

Price €58.00

State-of-the-art reel, made from lightweight aluminium, specially designed for light jigging and spinning. Aluminium body and rotor, with an ultra-flat design and multi-perforations for lightness and strength. Super-reinforced main shaft to avoid twists during combat. High strength spool, customised in aluminium with multi-perforations. Machined aluminium...

Reel Hart "Nº1" Reel Hart "Nº1"

Reel Hart "Nº1"

Price €249.00

Reel especially designed for extreme jigging and deep sea fishing (for rods of 50 to 130 pounds). Model 4500XH Capacity: 0.35mm/170m- 0.40mm/130m -0.45mm/100m Ball Bearings 9 + 1 Ratio 4.9:1 Weight: 546 gr  Read more below....

Reel Hart "Brutal CB 400L"

Reel Hart "Brutal CB 400L"

Price €280.00

Jig casting reel for extreme vertical fishing and live bait fishing. One-piece aluminium CNC machined body with NNB Japanese bearings (9+2 stainless steel bearings). High-capacity aluminium machined spool. High quality dual drag system with carbon washers, made in USA and titanium (HT100 & Ti). Drag force: 30 kilos. Micrometric adjustment system of...

Reel Hart "Nº1" Reel Hart "Nº3"

Reel Hart "Nº3"

Price €134.00

100% metal compact spinning reel. Model 4000 Capacity: 0.28mm/290m - 0.31mm/250m - 0.33mm/230mm Ball Bearings 8 + 1 Ratio 5.2:1 Weight: 297 gr  Read more below....