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Tactical Running Line Scierra
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Tactical Running Line Scierra

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SCIERRA Running line - The Tactical Running lines are made on a non stretch power core, combining the well recognised Ridge XT technology and the same unique PVC Free coating as the shooting heads. The ridge profile gives you the advance of incredible shoot ability and water repulsion.The 27’’ are made for # 5-8 Lenght.: 30 meterLine colour: Hot...

Backing Cortland Fairplay 100yds - 20lbs

Backing Traper 100yds - 30lbs

Price €7.24

This high-quality backing allows you to retrieve faster and to reduce line memory. It limits tangle and is designed to enhance your fishing performance Reduces tangle and line memory which allows for faster line retrieval. . Color Orange or White 100yds - 30lbs