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Fly Line Cleaner Cortland Cortland "Line Cleaner"

Cortland "Line Cleaner"

Price €3.20

The cleaner is packaged in compact, watertight containers designed specifically for stream-side use.  Just run a dirty line through a folded-over pad, and it will be cleaned and reconditioned in a single pass.  Contains plasticizers to help recondition older lines.  

Kinetic Fishing Magnetic... Kinetic Fishing Magnetic...

Kinetic Fishing Magnetic Release

Price €12.50

Kinetic Magnetic Release The Kinetic Magnetic Release includes super-strong magnets to ensure the security of a stored net, even when you're tramping through dense brush. Safety hook and split rings for securing to backpack or vest. Can also be used with cutters, pliers and other fishing tools. Super-strong magnets Safety hook Clips to backpack or vest  

Loon "Line Cleaner"

Loon "Line Cleaner"

Price €6.90

Fly line cleaner. Designed for fly fishermen in Scandinavia, Scandinavian Fly Line Cleaner is the ultimate in fly line cleaning and dressing. Simply add a few drops to Loon´s Line Cleaning Tool, apply to line and watch casting distance increase. Not intended for sinking lines.

Line Guide for Vivarelli - Luckybur Fly Rod Holder for BElt -...

Fly Rod Holder for BElt - Luckybur

Price €25.00

The fly rod holder serves to hold the fly rod when during fishing action need your hands free (changing the rigging, changing the fly, catching a fish, waiting, calling by phone, taking a picture, ... ). You can fix it to your waders belt. This is for right fishermen, if you want left, please contact us Watch the video and read more below...

Clipper Combo Tool Scierra
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Clipper Combo Tool Scierra

Regular price €9.50 -30% Price €6.65

Made in the USA from stainless steel Multi-functional tool Nail knot tier, line clipper, eye cleaner and a hook sharpener Hand finished to a razor sharp edge, can be re-sharpened

Scierra "Sink Paste"
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Scierra "Sink Paste"

Regular price €10.90 -30% Price €7.63

This mouldable tungsten putty has a multitude of uses for the fly fisher. Sink Paste can easily be moulded around the leader in order to get an un-weighted fly down quickly through the water. Once the putty gets into the water it is cooled and locks tight around the line.

Scierra "Leader Sink"
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Scierra "Leader Sink"

Regular price €10.90 -30% Price €7.63

Pull your tippet through the Leader Sink in order to remove all the grease that causes your leader to easily break through the surface of the water.

Solarez UV-Cure High Outpout Flashlight Kit Solarez UV-Cure High...

Solarez UV-Cure High Outpout Flashlight Kit

Price €88.00

With more than 10X the power of our focusable beam flashlight. Use this torch for applications requiring extra penetration or extra surface cure to remove tackiness. This flashlight takes two (2) CR123 Lithium batteries. Or you can use our Battery Charger Kit. Which contains one 3.7 volt UltraFire® rechargable battery to power your flashlight

Magnetic Rod Holder Stonfo Magnetic Rod Holder Stonfo

Magnetic Rod Holder Stonfo

Price €10.90

Piccolo accessorio in gomma morbida con magnete integrato, permette il fissaggio temporaneo della canna all’autovettura o a qualsiasi superficie metallica. Utilissimo durante la fase di preparazione alla pesca, evita che la canna possa cadere a terra. 2 units / pack

Leader Styaightener Stonfo Leader Styaightener Stonfo

Leader Styaightener Stonfo

Price €5.40

Useful small tool to straighten the leader quickly and safely. It is made of strong plastic material with two special rubber pads inside. Its anatomic shape allows to apply the desired force. Equipped with eyelet to hang it on a tool holder.