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Bombarda Evia

Bombarda Evia

Price €2.90

Bombarda sticks meet the demands of the growing hoards of coastal spin-fishermen, who have realized the wonders of fishingmicro lures for big fish no matter the conditions. • Extremely tough and durable • Sinking Weight 30gr and 40gr 1 Unit / pack

Kinetic Fish Hunter Float Tube Kinetic Fish Hunter Float Tube
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Kinetic Fish Hunter Float Tube

Price €155.00

Our most economical Float Tube.Very light and practical. Easy to carry. Multiple air chambers. Inflatable seat. Easy to carry Inflatable seat Multiple air chambers Length, 135 cm Wide, 105 cm Max. Load Capacity 115 kg

Kinetic Fishing Magnetic... Kinetic Fishing Magnetic...
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Kinetic Fishing Magnetic Release

Price €12.50

Kinetic Magnetic Release The Kinetic Magnetic Release includes super-strong magnets to ensure the security of a stored net, even when you're tramping through dense brush. Safety hook and split rings for securing to backpack or vest. Can also be used with cutters, pliers and other fishing tools. Super-strong magnets Safety hook Clips to backpack or vest  

Fins Kinetic

Fins Kinetic

Price €32.00

Fins are important when you want to get the most out of your float tube. They must fit well on your wader. They should not be too soft and still easy to put on and take off. The weight of the fins is crucial, as you must use your legs to move the float tube around. These fins are light and practical. They have been well tested for years.

Kinetic CS Heavy Duty...
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Kinetic CS Heavy Duty Splitring Plier

Price €12.20

This carbon steel split-ring pliers is built to handle big, heavy-duty split rings size 4 or larger. Features special curved nose designed to open split-rings, convenient wire cutters, and three crimper sizes for sleeves, stops, or split shot. Comfortable anti-slip handle. Carbon steel Soft touch handle Opens big split rings with ease Side cutter...

Kinetic Trolling Paravan -... Kinetic Trolling Paravan -...
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Kinetic Trolling Paravan - 90gr

Price €6.90

Kinetic Paravan Having no luck catching fish? Try to go deeper. The Paravan gets your lure down deep where the fish are. Lead free zinc Made for light trolling Perfect for lakes and inshore fishing 90gr Fluo red

Fishing Forceps Kinetic -...
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Fishing Forceps Kinetic - 6'' - 15cm

Price €13.80

Kinetic CS Forceps Straight Nose Kinetic carbon steel forceps help you handle a variety of on-the-water situations. Built-in scissors. Great for cutting lines and detaching hooks/flies. Comfortable anti-slip grip. Essential for safe hook removal. Carbon steel Anti-Slip handle Side Cutte Crimpe Blue/Black 6" / 15cm

Kinetic Keep Net Floating
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Kinetic Keep Net Floating

Price €24.50

A great invention. The floating keep net can be used from the bank as well as from the boat. Keep your bait fish fresh and in good shape the whole day. The floating keep net has a high buoyancy and will stay afloat even with big load of baitfish inside. Floating Ø 50cm Depth 110cm Perfect for baitfish

Kinetic Admiral Float Tube
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Kinetic Admiral Float Tube

Regular price €630.00 -35% Price €409.50

Admiral is made from a very thick PVC material and all the air chambers are integrated into the design. Admiral comes with oars, pump and bags for mounting on the side of the tube. If you are a big fan of float tube fishing this will be your favorite vessel. A true fishing machine with a lot of comfort and high safety. READ ME BELOW

Kinetic Fishing Multi-Tool...
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Kinetic Fishing Multi-Tool - 6"/15cm

Price €18.20

Take this Kinetic Multitool to the water and you'll save big-time space in your tackle box. Handy, easy to use and constructed of stainless steel, its pliers handle conveniently houses all the must-have fishing tools. Stainless steel 13 functions Blue/Black 6" / 15cm

Kinetic SS Fishing Multi...
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Kinetic SS Fishing Multi Scissors - 4"/10cm

Price €4.30

Kinetic Multi Scissors easily and safely cut braid and mono lines. The oversized finger holes feature nonslip grips for precise, comfortable handling. A must-have in every angler's kit. Stainless steel Cutter Splitring ose Blue/Black 4"/ 10cm

Savage Gear MP Drogue

Float Tube Anchor

Price €15.90

Float Tube Anchor. Simple as a bag of rocks. Super-tough nylon mesh. Packs easily. 40 foot cord. Rocks not included. Made by The Creek Specialist

Bombarda Ron Thompson
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Bombarda Ron Thompson

Regular price €2.95 -30% Price €2.07

R.T. bombarda sticks meet the demands of the growing hoards of coastal spin-fishermen, who have realized the wonders of fishingmicro lures for big fish no matter the conditions. • Extremely tough and durable • Floating, Intermediate and sinking 15gr, 20gr and 25gr 2 Units / pack

Belly Boat Ron Thompson...
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Belly Boat Ron Thompson Max-Float

Regular price €199.00 -30% Price €139.30

The Max Float belly boat holds the secret to the safe and free ‘’boat’’ fishing. It is build from a strong cordura base, 2 bladder pontoons, extra wide inflatable seat and back, that gives you the high working area with free arm space, 2 offset side pockets, easy to lift side handles and back pack straps for the longer carry trips.

Slug Vertical Jigghead Savage Gear Cutbait Herring Jighead...
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Cutbait Herring Jighead Savage Gear

Regular price €20.00 -30% Price €14.00

The Cutbait jigheads are now available in an unpainted 2 pack version – for the angler that has excess cutbait bodies or want to use it with big shads or giant twisters tails. The 185g version is perfect for the 25cm Soft 4Play!! Size 185gr - #9/0 - 2 unid/pack 295gr - #10/0 - 2 unid/pack