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Asari Snelled Hooks "Chinu Pro" Asari "Chinu Pro"

Asari "Chinu Pro"

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Price €2.90

Snelled hook cards with Japanese Chinu black nickel hooks snelled with a 2 m ASARI Prestige lines Sizes #2 to #10 Cards of 6 snelled hooks.

Asari Snelled Hooks "Chinu Straight" Asari "Straight"

Asari "Straight"

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Price €1.90

Snelled hook cards with Japanese Chinu nickel, forged and straight hooks. Snelled with a 1.20m line Size - Diameter: #3 - 0.35mm  /  #4 - 0.35mm /  #5 - 0.30mm  /  #7 - 0.30mm Cards of 10 snelled hooks.

Black Forceps with Power...
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Black Forceps with Power Jaws Stream Works

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Regular price €14.90 -25% Price €11.18

De-barb hooks and crimp split shot.A patented combination tool with unique lateral Power Jaws that de-barbs hooks. Provides the gripping power of pliers eliminating the need to carry two tools.5″ stainless forceps aid in holding, de-barbing and removing hooksAlso great for crimping split shotUnique, patented Power Jaws provide pliers crimping power for...

Boat Feeder Stonfo - Big Boat Feeder Stonfo - Big

Boat Feeder Stonfo - Big

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Price €69.00

Boat feeder with quick opening system. Its capacity of Lt 1.7 and its weight of Kg 1.4 make it suitable for fishing in depths over 50 meters. Instructions: Fill the feeder, lock the lid and lower it from the boat with a rigid cord to the desired depth. Pull brusquely the cord to open and discharge the feeder.

Bolsa Cañas Cinnetic "Single Boat"

Bolsa Cañas Cinnetic "Single Boat"

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Price €46.00

This bag is designed for carrying boat rods.It has a roomy 1.50m main compartment, with 2 dividers and a external pocket 82cm long to carry safely the spare tips. Practical and light, Just to carry what is needed. As the rest of the bags is made 1680 DENIER FABRIC and its base is protected by a hard plastic cover which protects it from water and scratches.  

Botton Service Mini Stonfo Botton Service Mini Stonfo

Botton Service Mini Stonfo

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Price €6.30

Botton service, very compact tool holder, with strong magnets. Ideal for holding on the vest, ready to use, small accessories like line-cutter, disgorger etc. 

Combat Belt Stonfo - with...

Combat Belt Stonfo - with pivot

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Price €31.00

Useful and comfortable combat-belts, made of undestroyable plastic material coupled with a soft padding. Size 27 x 12cm - with stainless steel pivot Equipped with snap lock buckle

Command Grip Stonfo Command Grip Stonfo

Command Grip Stonfo

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Price €27.00

Catch fish pliers they are indispensable for the catch and release. The special features of this pliers allow you to grab the fish by the mouth without injuring it. The jaws are rubber coated and the round tips have a large contact surface, futhermore the closing force of the plier can be adjusted by the angler.  Sizes 14cm and 21cm Read more below...

Imax 3 Multi Reel Carrier
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Cooler Bait Bag Imax

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Regular price €21.90 -30% Price €15.33

• Tough protective bait bag in two different sizes • Adjustable shoulder strap • Foam padded handle • 3 compartments and a mesh front pocket • Padded interior • Made from tough Nylon based waterproof fabric • Fully lined with easy to clean padded foil • Keeps your bait cool and fresh SIZES S.M: 28x18x15cm S.L: 35x23x17cm

Day Session Holdall Imax

Day Session Holdall Imax

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Price €29.00

Tough protective bag designed to carry up to four or eight rods, complete with adjustable padded shoulder strap with foam padded handle. 2 adjustable retaining straps, quick release buckles and padded interior SIZES: T.L: 4 Rods 144x15x10cm T.XL: 8 Rods 144x20x15cm