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Asari Snelled Hooks "Chinu Pro" Asari "Chinu Pro"

Asari "Chinu Pro"

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Price €2.90

Snelled hook cards with Japanese Chinu black nickel hooks snelled with a 2 m ASARI Prestige lines Sizes #2 to #10 Cards of 6 snelled hooks.

Asari Snelled Hooks "Chinu Straight" Asari "Straight"

Asari "Straight"

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Price €1.90

Snelled hook cards with Japanese Chinu nickel, forged and straight hooks. Snelled with a 1.20m line Size - Diameter: #3 - 0.35mm  /  #4 - 0.35mm /  #5 - 0.30mm  /  #7 - 0.30mm Cards of 10 snelled hooks.

Hooks Track Line F10 Hooks Track Line F10

Hooks Track Line F10

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Price €2.90

Round wire shank Nikel colour Very thin and light Good for freshwater and saltwater Very good for fish difficult Sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 y 24 25 units by pack

Hooks Track Line M60 -  8 units Hooks Track Line M60

Hooks Track Line M60

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Price €4.20

Forged hookBlack-nikel colourVery ruggedWith ringGood for freshwater and saltwaterVery good for trolling8 units by pack except 6/0 (6 units)

Luhr Jensen Hook Sharpener
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Luhr Jensen Hook Sharpener

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Price €11.90

Top- quality high-carbon-steel file with ultrafine cutting edges for sharpening hooks to a razor-sharp point. Treated with silicone lubricant to help prevent corrosion

Cork Screw Shad Spin Rig
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Shad Belly Stingers Savage Gear

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Regular price €6.40 -30% Price €4.48

Designed to match the bigger herring shads 19, 25 and 32 cm– for casting and trolling these brilliant shads. These stingers make it very easy to rig up for perfect swimming action and hook up rate!  Size M - Treble #2  - 2 pcs / pack Size L - Treble #2/0  - 1 pcs / pack Size XL - Treble #3/0  - 1 pcs / pack

Stonfo  Magnetic Hooks Box... Stonfo  Magnetic Hooks Box...

Stonfo Magnetic Hooks Box Large Size

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Price €13.50

Unbreakable magnetic boxes with clear lid. Magnetic bottomed box with 14 compartments. Specially studied to contain hooks of various dimensions. Each compartment has got a no magnetic inclined plane, allowing to take hooks out of the box easily. Besides a magnetic pen allows to get only one hook at a time. Dim. 150x100x14mm