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Rock & Street "M Minow" Hart "M Minow"

Hart "M Minow"

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Price €3.50

Semi-jointed small fish with a fine, yet strong tail with a powerful rolling action, ideal for Jig Head, Offset and Texas rigs. 4.5cm - 7 units / pack 

Kit Soft Trout Ron Thompson Kit Soft Trout Ron Thompson
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Kit Soft Trout Ron Thompson

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Regular price €7.80 -30% Price €5.46

A complete assortment of artificial trout baits. In this package you will find three different natural bait imitations: Honey worm, maggot and earthworm, five pieces each in four super attractive colors. Read more......

Kraken 2' (5cm) Fish Action Kraken 2' (5cm) Fish Action
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Kraken 2' (5cm) Fish Action

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Regular price €7.90 -30% Price €5.53

Body made in everlasting formula, super soft but 50 times stronger than PVC Double tail designed for maximum vibration Grub body and skkirt button  2' (5cm) - 6 units / pack Please read below, it's important

Micro Power Nymph Shad Berkley Micro Power Nymph Shad Berkley
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Micro Power Nymph Shad Berkley

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Regular price €6.90 -30% Price €4.83

Berkley Power Bait Honey Worms are formulated for trout and other predatory fish. Emulates a nymph insect 30mm 12 units / pack Pink or Brown (Smoke) colour

Shrimps Yokozuna "O Grub"

Shrimps Yokozuna "O Grub"

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Price €2.50

This small, perforated tail grub is a classic for jig head fishing, with increased power of attraction afforded by the tail perforations. Length 5.5cm Bags of 10 pcs.

Traper Lure "Ripper Rip" -... Traper Lure "Ripper Rip" -...
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Traper Lure "Ripper Rip" - 7.5cm

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Price €6.90

Perfect imitation of fry fish it is an effective weapon in keen fisherman's hands. The lure developed and manufactured with unbelievable precision. Rip is simply irresistable for predators. Recommended for perch, pike, asp and pike-perch. Size 7.5cm - 10 units pack