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Ron Thompson "Herring Master" Ron Thompson "Herring Master"
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Ron Thompson "Herring Master"

Regular price €6.60 -30% Price €4.62

The Herring master saltwater lure range, supply you with a wide selection of well tested colors and shapes, which will optimize your catch rate. • Quality finish and balanced lures • Saltwater resistant split rings and Hooks • UV reflective strike points Weight 28gr and 40gr (2 units pack)

Westin "Salty" 11cm

Westin "Salty" 11cm

Price €6.20

Lead free concept Material: ABS plastic / Zinc Several UV,FluoMax and Glow colors Japanese-style hook Hook size:  #2 Stay On - double split ring hook mount Designed anddeveloped in Scandinavia 11cm - 26gr

Westin "Sommet" 12cm

Westin "Sommet" 12cm

Price €5.80

Lead free construction Material: Zinc Hook: VMC 9649 BN Hook size:  #4  Inline concept - loose less fish! Designed and developed in Scandinavia          Size 11cm - 22gr