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Mc Fly Foam Mc Fly Foam

Mc Fly Foam

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Price €3.90

Incredible plastic, spongy and elastic fine filaments stained with heavy water colorfast, easy to cut and shape, suitable for making eggs, streamers, etc..

Partridge Czech Nymph  - Barbless Partridge Czech Nymph  -...

Partridge Czech Nymph - Barbless

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Price €4.50

These hooks are perfect for the weighted nymphs used in the ´´Czech´´ style of fishing. The curved shank and offset point are crucial to this design and the in-curved and offset point gives very secure hook holds even though the design is barbless. Black Nickel Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 Pk 25 units

Partridge Czech Nymph Fine Wire  - Barbless Partridge Czech Nymph Fine...

Partridge Czech Nymph Fine Wire - Barbless

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Price €4.50

Standard wire, oversized to retain a wide gape even when fully dressed. For all types of nymphs, shrimps and sowbugs. This hook is also suitable for dry emergers when a barbless hook is preferred The CZF now conforms to the original standard Redditch scale as we have introduced new sizing as of Nov 2014. Down-Eye. Black Nickel Finish. Size 1, 2, 4, 6, 8,...

Super Ice Chenille Super Ice Chenille

Super Ice Chenille

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Price €3.20

Developed since the early seventies as an alternative to Cactus Chenille, it differs from the latter only for the use of translucent fibers that give it a very bright and shiny aspect, without mylar pearl’s iridescent and changing effect. Suitable for all patterns that require basic colors’ shiny without the interference of the pearl reflection....