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Asari Snelled Hooks "Chinu Straight" Asari "Straight"

Asari "Straight"

Price €1.90

Snelled hook cards with Japanese Chinu nickel, forged and straight hooks. Snelled with a 1.20m line Size - Diameter: #3 - 0.35mm  /  #4 - 0.35mm /  #5 - 0.30mm  /  #7 - 0.30mm Cards of 10 snelled hooks.

Asari Snelled Hooks "Chinu Pro" Asari "Chinu Pro"

Asari "Chinu Pro"

Price €2.90

Snelled hook cards with Japanese Chinu black nickel hooks snelled with a 2 m ASARI Prestige lines Sizes #2 to #10 Cards of 6 snelled hooks.

Hook Double Salmon Partridge "P" Partridge "Double Up Eye"

Partridge "Double Up Eye"

Price €10.50

Double Patriot Hook Dublin bend and straight needle points, as well as forged bends for added strength, this is the perfect double for contemporary salmon and steelhead patterns. Black Nickel Finish available / Up-Eye. 10 units / pack

Partridge Hooks "D4AF" -... Partridge Hooks "D4AF" -...

Partridge Hooks "D4AF" - Big Streamers

Price €4.50

This range of hooks arose from the forged long shank hooks which had been Partridge's standard hook for all types of long shank flies. The hook was made out of heavier wire and incorporates a wide gap. This hook is now suitable for all types of traditional streamer, bucktail and long attractor flies. The wide gap makes it good for flies like muddler...

Partridge "L5A Dry Fly Supremer" Partridge "L5A Dry Fly...

Partridge "L5A Dry Fly Supremer"

Price €4.50

Standard wire. This hook is like Tiemco 100, the same. Standard shank length hook with forged found bend and wide gape makes this the ideal all purpose dry fly hook for all kinds of dry fly patterns. Down-Eye. Bronze finish. Size 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18 All sizes available in 25 hook packs.  

Partridge "ST Stinger" Partridge "ST Stinger"

Partridge "ST Stinger"

Price €5.60

Wide gaped with super sharp points, make this a perfect hook for tube flies. The slight up-eye make it a favourite pattern for trailing stingers on steelhead and sea trout patterns. Black Nickel Finish / Slight Up-Eye. Sizes: # 10 to 1/0 (10 units pack)    

Partridge ´´SLD2´´-  Barbless Fly Fishing Hooks Partridge...

Fly Fishing Hooks Partridge "SLD2"- Barbless

Price €4.50

Designed for lightweight dry flies The SLD2 hook is ideal for dry emerger patterns for Trout or Grayling, is like SLD but more strong The barbless design with the in curved point and down turned eye give positive hook holds. Black Nickel finish. Pk 25 and 100 hooks Sizes: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20.

Saltwater Hook Partridge...

Saltwater Hook Partridge "S4 ACS/X Attitude Extra"

Price €5.30

Wide gape, microbarbed predator hook capable of holding feisty species on still waters, rivers, estuaries and open water. IdeaL for hair spinning, minnow and hairwing patterns.   Black Nickel / Straght-Eye   Sizes 7/0 & 6/0 - 10 hooks per pack 4/0 to 6 - 15 hooks per pack

Partridge "YK4A Grub"

Partridge "YK4A Grub"

Price €4.50

The YK4A has now been modernized to include a micro-barb and is made without any offset. Suitable for small grub, curved bodies, shrimp and emerger patterns. Bronze Finish Down-Eye Size;10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 All sizes available in 25 hook packs.  

Partridge "G3A/L Wet Heavy Supreme" Partridge "G3A/L Wet Heavy...

Partridge "G3A/L Wet Heavy Supreme"

Price €4.50

Specifically designed for international Lough-style fishing to ensure that the widest gape sizes fit into the international gauge. This heavy wire, forged sproat bend hook is ideal for all kinds of wet flies and has the strength and reliability required for landing big fish. Down-eye. Bronze Finish. Sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14. All sizes available in 25...

Partridge Czech Nymph  - Barbless Partridge Czech Nymph  -...

Partridge Czech Nymph - Barbless

Price €4.50

These hooks are perfect for the weighted nymphs used in the ´´Czech´´ style of fishing. The curved shank and offset point are crucial to this design and the in-curved and offset point gives very secure hook holds even though the design is barbless. Black Nickel Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 Pk 25 units