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Boat Landing Nets

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Kinetic Fishing Telescopic... Kinetic Fishing Telescopic...

Kinetic Fishing Telescopic Gaff - 27/60cm

Price €22.50

A small and telescopic gaff is always worth having around. This model is strong and sturdy with the hook made of stainless steel with a tip protector. Comes with a robust handle and security strap on top. Alu. pole telescopic Stainless steel hook EVA handle 27cm/60cm

Kinetic Keep Net Floating

Kinetic Keep Net Floating

Price €24.50

A great invention. The floating keep net can be used from the bank as well as from the boat. Keep your bait fish fresh and in good shape the whole day. The floating keep net has a high buoyancy and will stay afloat even with big load of baitfish inside. Floating Ø 50cm Depth 110cm Perfect for baitfish

Kinetic Fishing Boat Gaff

Kinetic Fishing Boat Gaff

Price €16.20

This classic 75cm boat gaff has a powerful aluminum shaft, rubber handle and a sharp stainless-steel hook for safe landing of the fish. Perfect all-round size.  Alu. pole Stainless steel hook EVA handle 75cm

Kinetic Fishing Boat Gaff...

Kinetic Fishing Boat Gaff Heavy Duty

Price €26.00

Kinetic Boat Gaff Heavy Duty With this heavy duty 115cm gaff, there´s no fish to big! Superb for large cod or halibut in the North! Double handles and a massive hook. Alu. pole Stainless steel hook EVA handle 115cm long

Kinetic Fishing Big Game...

Kinetic Fishing Big Game Gaff - 50cm

Price €21.00

This really strong gaff will be your best companion if a large cod of halibut is hooked. The safety eyelet can be fixed to a rope or wire. Please make sure the gaff is always handled with care. Alu. pole Stainless steel hook EVA Handle 50cm long

Folding Salmon Net Scierra Westin W3 CR Landing Net

Westin W3 CR Landing Net

Price €61.80

• Large: 60 W x 70 L x 50 cm Deep - handle length 100 cm • Engraved measure on handle • Knotless rubber coated mesh – fish friendly • Big mesh on sides and smaller on bottom, less water resistance  • EVA handle with Westin logo • Anti- hook tangle• Double button locking system • Strong and lightweight design • Westin Viking Helmet printed in bottom