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Terminal Tackle

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Nose Rings Stonfo Nose Rings Stonfo

Nose Rings Stonfo

Price €4.30

Stainless steel rings for easy and fast baiting of live fish type mackerel, mullet, bogue etc. The insertion of the ring in the fish’s nose hole retains the fish freedom of movement without damage it. The connection ring-hook is done by a small special elastic provided in two different lengths. 6 pieces per bag

Stonfo Wirelink Clip Stonfo Wirelink Clip

Stonfo Wirelink Clip

Price €5.90

Stainless steel fast clip ideal to connect tress wire or monostrand wire. The Wirelink Clip has a rounded part to allow greater movement of the lure while the opposite part is narrow to have a small size connection with the wire perfectly in-line. Supplied complete with shrinkable tube of the appropriate size. 6 units / pack