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Fly Rod Cortland "MKII" Fly Rod Cortland "MKII"
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Fly Rod Cortland "MKII"

Regular price €680.00 -30% Price €476.00

Built using carbon fiber of military grade modulus and resins, these rods have been designed and built utilizing over 30 years of top level competition experience from the Cortland Prostaff. The balance of the weight and the main power in the butt section paired with a downward locking reel seat for this technique is paramount. An ergonomic fighting butt...

Fly Rod Cortland... Fly Rod Cortland...
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Fly Rod Cortland "Competition Nymph"

Regular price €275.00 -20% Price €220.00

The Competition Nymph rod lineup are 4 piece rods. Although these rods are versatile tools, the primary design focus is precise European Style nymphing.  The rods feature a matte black finish that helps the rods dampen extra vibration quickly, so your rod tip doesn't throw extra shock waves down your presentation after each cast. Read more below....

Fly Rod Cortland "NYMPH" Fly Rod Cortland "NYMPH"

Fly Rod Cortland "NYMPH"

Price €290.00

Cortland’s Nymph series fly rods were specifically designed for modern nymphing techniques. Built on a super light graphite blank which dampens and recovers quickly for exceptional feel. The low reflective, matte black finish allows for an extremely stealthy approach while providing an addition layer of protection. The down-locking reel seat combined...

Combo Cortland "Fairplay Pro"

Fly Combo Cortland "Fairplay Pro" 9 - 4/5wt

Price €129.00

The Fairplay PRO 9' #4/5 - 4 sections features a graphite composite rod blank perfectly matched with a graphite matrix composite reel. The rod is fitted with an aluminum reel seat and a premium cork handle. The reel has a solid drag system and quick release spool button. The kit is preloaded with a high quality 90ft floating fly line and 150ft of backing. 

Jigging Rod Hart "Toro...

Jigging Rod Hart "Toro Ultraslow Jig 60S" - 1.80m

Price €62.90

Ultra-light rod for technical vertical fishing with slow-pitch jigging. Parabolic blank with smooth, progressive action, ideal for fishing red snappers and pink dentex. This lightweight rod works best with 100 gram jigs. Mounted with K guides and FUJI VSS reel seat +TVSK. Cloth rod bag.  Size 6' - 1.80m  Action 30-120g - 2 Sections - Weight 139gr

Surf Rod Imax "Surf" Surf Rod Imax "Surf"
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Surf Rod Imax "Surf"

Regular price €135.00 -30% Price €94.50

  15’ (450cm)  - Action 4-8Oz - 3sec • Saltwater-proof SIC guides • High modulus carbon blanks • 2 High visibility tips • Heavy duty and saltwater-proof reel seats • All supplied with a luxury carry bag

Jigging Rod Imax "Ocean Scout" Jigging Rod Imax "Ocean Scout"
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Jigging Rod Imax "Ocean Scout"

Regular price €140.00 -30% Price €98.00

• 24T HM Carbon blank • Sure grip handle • Braid and saltwater proof guides • Heavy duty reel seat • Spigot joints • Hard carry case included 6' (180cm) - 3 Sections - Action 30lb 6' (180cm) - 3 Sections - Action 50lb 6' (180cm) - 3 Sections - Action 80lb 

Boat Rod Ron Thompson "Hard... Boat Rod Ron Thompson "Hard...
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Boat Rod Ron Thompson "Hard Core Boat II"

Regular price €33.00 -30% Price €23.10

Demanding the very best gear. The Hard Core Boat II rods are the best you can get. The upgraded rods are classified to 20-30lbs but the unique way of building the rods offers a strength that will enable you to handle every situation. • Special composite construction• Ceramic guides• Graphite reel seat• Rubber coated gimble for use with fight belt

Ron Thompson  "C14 Pro TeleCarp" Ron Thompson "C14 Pro...
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Ron Thompson "C14 Pro Telecarp"

Regular price €53.00 -30% Price €37.10

Size 11' (330cm)  - Action 2.75lbs - Weight 360gr - Transport Length 100cm - 6 Sec Size 12' (360cm)  - Action 3lbs  - Weight 389gr - Transport Length 100cm - 6 Sec Size 13' (390cm)  - Action 3.5lbs  - Weight 476gr - Transport Length  100cm - 6 Sec

Surf Rod Ron Thompson "EVP2"
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Surf Rod Ron Thompson "EVP2"

Regular price €33.00 -30% Price €23.10

  Length 14’ - 420cm - Action 100-250g - 3 sections - Transport Lenght 147cm - Weight 810g • Light weight – Composite Surf rod • Graphite reel seat • High Quality , 3-legged guides • Hi-viz tip for easy bite indication

Rod Ron Thompson ´´Tyran Feeder´´ - 3 Sections Ron Thompson Rod "Tyran...
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Ron Thompson Rod "Tyran Feeder"

Regular price €106.90 -30% Price €74.83

Feeder rods with 2 tips and very good price Models: Model A: 12’ (360cm)  -  Action  2-8lbs -  3 Sections - Weight  295g  -  Transport Lenght 126,5cm Model B: 13’ (390cm)  -  Action  2-8lbs  -  3 Sections - Peso 330g  -  Transport Lenght 136,5cm

Ron Thompson "Tyran Salt Quiver"  Sea Rod Ron Thompson "Tyran...
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Sea Rod Ron Thompson "Tyran Salt Quiver" - 2 Sections

Regular price €74.00 -30% Price €51.80

• Hi modulus carbon, Spiral construction • 2 sections • Split handle with Hard Japanese EVA and rubber cork • Rubber finish, quality reel seat • Double-legged Quality SIC guides for braid performance. • 2 interchangeable tips. • Individual hand tested   Size 2.40m  8' -  Action 20-60g   -   2 Sections

Fly Rod Ron Thompson...
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Fly Rod Ron Thompson "Steelhead Pro"

Regular price €56.00 -30% Price €39.20

• High quality carbon technology • Carbon wrapping • Slim and powerful blank • Cork handle • SiC shooting guides • Gun smoke snake guide 9’ (270cm)  #5/6  - 2 sections - Transport Lenght 141cm - Weight 110g

Ron Thompson "Hard Core II" Spin Rod Ron Thompson "Hard...
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Spin Rod Ron Thompson "Hard Core II"

Regular price €33.00 -30% Price €23.10

Light weight powerful composite blank, glass tip for bite detection, durable lined SiC guides, luxury EVA handle, premium quality reel seat. These rods are just about indestructible and are useable for just about any type of fishing. Build in a unique way where solid strands of fibreglass are drawn past the core of the rod to form the incredibly flexible...

Boat Rod Ron Thompson "  Solidboat EVP2" Boat Rod Ron Thompson "...
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Boat Rod Ron Thompson " Solid Boat EVP2"

Regular price €16.00 -30% Price €11.20

120cm - Action 30-100g - Weight 380g 130cm - Action 30-120g  - Weight 400g 150cm - Action 30-120g  - Weight 420g 165cm - Action 50-150g  -  Weight 450g • One section solid glass boat rods • Japanese EVA handle • Graphite reel seat • High Quality double legged guides • Hi-viz tip for easy bite indication • Gimbal at but

Ron Thompson "Godfather Barbel" Ron Thompson Rod "Godfather...
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Ron Thompson Rod "Godfather Barbel"

Regular price €58.00 -30% Price €40.60

• Powerful Carbo-Weave XT blank • Progressive power action • Power butt section • Premium SIC guides • Large bore butt guides • Premium reel seat • Split cork/Duplon butt • Duplon front grip Length 12’ (360cm)  -    Action 1.75lb -  2 Sections - Weight 384g  -  Transport Length 187cm

Surf Rod Ron Thompson...
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Surf Rod Ron Thompson "Oceania Surf"

Regular price €170.00 -30% Price €119.00

Length15’ - 450cm  - Action 100-200g - 3 sections - Transport Lenght 155cm - Weight 770g • Lightweight Powerful Carbon Blank • Reinforced power butt section • Premium reel seat • Saltwater grade guides • Fluo tip for bite detection

 Ron Thompson "Tyran NX Series Fly" Ron Thompson "Tyran NX...
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Ron Thompson "Tyran NX Series Fly"

Regular price €86.00 -30% Price €60.20

See the video below...... - high Carbon module, with braiding spiral  - 4 elements, Weight 120gr, Transpor Legth 70cm - ergonomic cork handles  - treated Rings anti corrosion  - light serpentiform Rings  - Medium fast action  - perfect fly fishing line control  - Tested individually

Boat Rod Ron Thompson... Boat Rod Ron Thompson...
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Boat Rod Ron Thompson "Light Boat EVP2"

Regular price €19.00 -30% Price €13.30

  Sizes  6’ - 180cm - Action 60-120g  - 2 Sections - Transport Length 96cm - Weight 315g  7’ - 210cm  - Action 60-120g  - 2 Sections - Transport Length 111cm - Weight 340g  8’ - 240cm  - Acción 60-120g - 2 Sections - Transport Length  126cm - Weight 410g   • Light weight – Composite Boat rods • Japanese EVA handle • FPS graphite reel seat • High Quality...

Ron Thompson "Evp2 Carp" Ron Thompson "Evp2 Carp"
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Ron Thompson "Evp2 Carp"

Regular price €32.00 -30% Price €22.40

 • Light weight – Composite Carp rod • Japanese EVA split handle • Graphite reel seat • High Quality , 3-legged guides 12' (3.60m)  - Action 2.75lb - Transport Length 189cm - 425gr