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Solarez Fly Fishing UV Resin - Bottle 5gr with brush - Some colours

Thick, Hard Formula

Hard, very viscous for making thick coatings or spheres

Bodies, heads, eyes

Build fly fishing heads and bodies

Viscous formula, easier to work

Capacity 56gr / 2Oz

Apply all UV curable products in full shade or indoors, flash with Solarez UV Flashlight for 30 secs, continue working on fly. To completely cure resin, expose to sunlight or use flashlight for about 3 minutes.

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 Each 5 gram bottle comes with a handy fine tip applicator.

Excellent for marking and final profiling.

Eco-friendly and made in the USA.

It is advisable to make fine brush strokes to improve drying.

Depending on the thickness you can use Solarez THIN or THICK (thick or medium), then color over that.

All resins are compatible and adhere well to each other.

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