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Fly line  Cortland 333+ Cortland Fly Line "333+"
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Cortland Fly Line "333+"

Regular price €32.90 -20% Price €26.32

General purpose long belly, floating fly lines with a beefed up rear tapers for greater line control. Built on a braided nylon core for suppleness in. Lubricated coatings for greater shootability Stiffer finishes offering greater aerodynamic stability Olive color - 26.5 Meters

Cortland Trout Net Cortland Trout Net

Cortland Trout Net

Price €36.90

  This Cortland net features a combination bamboo / wood frame and a clear rubber net bag.  Teardrop trout net with great features that won't break the bank. 16" x 10" Hoop 24" overall Length Elastic lanyard cord

Fly Line Cleaner Cortland Cortland "Line Cleaner"

Cortland "Line Cleaner"

Price €3.20

The cleaner is packaged in compact, watertight containers designed specifically for stream-side use.  Just run a dirty line through a folded-over pad, and it will be cleaned and reconditioned in a single pass.  Contains plasticizers to help recondition older lines.  

Cortland "Ghost Tip" - OUTLET Cortland "Ghost Tip"

Cortland "Ghost Tip"

Price €78.90

Precision Subsurface Ghost Tip 15' Intermediate - Clear/Mint Green15' Clear Tip / Tip Sink Rate: 1.25 - 1.75 IPS | (90') A clear, 15' intermediate tip line that’s ideal for fishing lake depths from 5 to 15 feet.  

Fly Rod Cortland... Fly Rod Cortland...
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Fly Rod Cortland "Competition Nymph"

Regular price €275.00 -20% Price €220.00

The Competition Nymph rod lineup are 4 piece rods. Although these rods are versatile tools, the primary design focus is precise European Style nymphing.  The rods feature a matte black finish that helps the rods dampen extra vibration quickly, so your rod tip doesn't throw extra shock waves down your presentation after each cast. Read more below....

Tippet Precision Cortland

Tippet Precision Cortland

Price €7.70

Hi-tech materials allow this small diameter Tippet material to have added strength, yet present your fly with a delicate touch.  The Tippetmaster® Spool makes material dispensing simple and organized.  Sizes: 3X  -  8.2 Lb - 3.7Kg - 0.20mm 4X  -  6.2 Lb - 2.8Kg - 0.18mm  5X  -  4.9 Lb - 2.2Kg - 0.15mm 6X  -  3.2 Lb - 1.5Kg - 0.13mm 8X  -  2.2 Lb -...

Cortland 444 "Spring Creek"

Fly Fishing Line Cortland 444 "Spring Creek"

Price €59.90

The extra long, supple tip of the Spring Creek helps put the body of the line further from the target, resulting in a softer, more precise delivery of the fly. The mute olive colour blends into both bank-side and aquatic vegetation. The cold-water formulation remains coil free in any condition. This floating line comes in an olive coloured shade and...

Cortland Solar Mask - Trout

Cortland Solar Mask - Trout

Price €13.90

Cortland's new multi-function design solar mask helps protect your face from harsh weather elements, while letting you concentrate on getting those big fish.  Trout color, one size

Cortland ´´Mono Competition Nymph´´
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Cortland "Mono Competition Nymph" - WF0

Price €69.90

The keys to nymphing are feeling the strike and setting the hook. WF-0-F competition, mono core lines excel at both. Built with the same proven taper as their larger, braided-core cousins, these ultra-sensitive, heron blue lines feature a thin, hard monofilament core. Length 21m - Tip 0.17 Read more below . . . . .

Cortland "333 Classic"

Fly Fishing Line Cortland "333 Classic"

Price €39.90

Cortland 333 Classic Trout/All Purpose Fly Line Designed to perform well with modern medium to fast-action graphite rods, the original 333 was the industry's first modern PVC fly line and has been a popular choice among avid fly anglers for more than 50 years. Yellow color - 27 Meters Read more below....

Fly Line Cortland...
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Fly Line Cortland "Precision QD"

Regular price €69.90 -30% Price €48.93

Precision  'QD' Quick Descent 24' (105') -  32m.  WF -  Tip 7.30m with floating line. Models: 175gr White 3inch / seg  -   225gr Orange 4.5inch / seg  and 425gr Orange inch / seg