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Hareline "Pseudo Hackle" Hareline "Pseudo Hackle"
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Hareline "Pseudo Hackle"

Price €4.60

This ready to use instantly. Set a border to the shape, tie in and roll. Product made of bright trilobal fibers. Ideal for streamers and nymphs Odonata. Size 2.55cm.

Flashabou Magnum Holographic
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Flashabou Magnum Holographic

Price €6.90

More wider, longer and stronger than standard flashabou A straight, strong, fine mylar with incredible reflective properties. Used in thousands of flies for wings, bodies, accent flash, or the entire fly like the Prom Dress

Calf Tail Calf Tail

Calf Tail

Price €5.60

These quality calf tails have medium length crinkled hair for use on streamers, hairwing dries and saltwater flies like crazy charlies. To tie bass flies, sea flies, and streamers for salmon.