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Fly Rod Traper "Silence"

For the demanding fly fishermen, looping for the reliable and perfectly manufactured rods we have something special.

We are dedicating you the SILENCE rod series, produced according to TM the newest technology. Japanese carbon fibre Carboflex 460 blanks, equipped with lightweight TITANIUM guides, Portuguese AAAAA cork and modern and lightweight, yet extremely robust, create a perfect device.

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11' #3- 4pcs - Weight 85gr

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Incredibly well balanced rods, having perfect, harmonic bend and fast action make unforgettable

impressions when hand held. The colours and graphics designed to achieve an aesthetic product.

The rod comes along with the robust triangle cordura tube with four compartments.

Additionally the rod has got the soft, “breathable” bag for transportation in bulk tubes. SILENCE rods have 25-year warranty for the first owner.

Herewith Company Traper grants 25-year warranty for fishing rod.  

The Buyer is obliged to: - fulfill the warranty card on the day of purchase - use the rod according to the owner's manual  Traper company obliges itself to maintain full rod service: free of charge defective


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