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Westin "Salty the Shrimp R'N'R" 10cm

  • Soft body with inside weight – Rigged ‘N Ready to fish!
  • Life-Like Lure
  • Ultra sharp and strong Japanese style sea fishing hook
  • Hook size: Single #1/0 (18g), 
  • Glass/steel rattle stick inside for best acoustics
  • Natural whiskers
  • Optimized flexibility
  • Multi Jointed for perfect lively action
  • Inside mesh for maximum durability
  • Hand painted detail colors


10cm / 18gr / Hook #1/0

1 unit pack


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Salty the Shrimp R 'N R, to be exact, and the reason he looks so much like the real thing is because he is made from a 3D scan of a live shrimp.

His fluttering legs, natural whiskers and multi-jointed tail section all seem to move independently as this slow-sinking lure makes it way down in the water.

He's not a fussy kind of guy, he works just as well with saltwater species like redfish, cod, flounder and seabass as he does with freshwater predators like bass and perch.

Cast and retrieve him close to the bottom in either of these situations with the occasional rod twitch to get him dancing and pretty soon some big, hungry predators will join him on the dance floor – his days are numbered!

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