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Scierra Línea - Sistema Mosca "Multi - Tip"



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Scierra Multi Tip Floating Sinking Fly Line Wf10f/s 

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This concept comprises a floating weight forward line constructed on a braided core and four interchangeable tips. Each tip section has a different density, enabling you to search for fish under all conditions without having the trouble of changing the full fly line. 

The Scierra Multi Tip line is based on the well-proven Avalanche WF-taper, coming with the same the super-slick coating. The line comes with four different 12ft (four metre) tips. These are floating, intermediate, medium-sinking and fast-sinking. Scierra has also solved the problem with tips that "hinge" by placing the connection in the belly part of the line. This gives a very fine turnover without any loss of power. All tips, as well as the main line, come with a factory-welded loop for easy connection. Tips are supplied in a practical cordura wallet. 

# Great for covering nearly every fly fishing situation! 

# Floating WF7 line constructed on a braided core 
# 12ft (four metre)floating tip 
# 12ft (four metre)intermediate tip 
# 12ft (four metre)medium-sinking tip (3 ins/sec) 
# 12ft (four metre)fast-sinking tip (7 ins/sec) 
# Delivers flies deep & fast mid water column or on the surface!. 
# Hi Vis Floating running line helps keep line from dragging in weedbeds or shallows throughout the retrieve. 
#Tips are supplied in a practical cordura wallet.


Only WF - 10


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