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Seaspin Jack Snap Steel/Titanium




20lb (15mm)

35lb (17mm)

70lb (22mm)

10 units / pack

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Jack are the new clips built for heavy use.

Designed in 5 different sizes: 6, 10, 20, 35 and 70 lbs.

• The main feature of this clip is to be the only one to have the "drop" form with a single wire in the ring of the lure.

• The narrow part of the clip has a corner and a small radius in order to prevent the knot side slip and release from the leader

• Easy installation and versatility. 

• The clip is made of an alloy steel AISI 316-Ti (titanium), which guarantees the highest durability to external agents such as salt and rubbing against rocks and sand.

• The concept of operation (subject to copyright) minimizes the chances of accidental release.

 • The production is made with numerical control machines of high precision and reliability, with a final quality piece by piece.

• The form was designed on the computer to be hydrodynamic as maximum as possible so as to affect as little as possible the swim of the bait with lip. 

• Thanks to the form that allows you to use a thinner wire diameter and the alloy used, the same load and resistance, the clip has a clearly lower weight of the clips competitors without the danger that it may break under stress

• The hardening treatment gives to the clip semi burnished color, the disappearance of this burnishing has no effect on mechanical skills. 


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